Women Supporting Women: Missy Carvour Gleason

“Strong women lift each other up.”

It’s one of the first lines on Missy Carvour Gleason’s accountability group website, where she’s part of the Beachbody family of coaches.

“I feel strongly about supporting other women because I believe we have been taught to be critical of ourselves and each other – sometimes to the point that we don’t believe we’re capable of the change and future we’d like to build,” said Gleason, known to many as MissyFit, her alter ego focused on helping women find their own personal “fit.” “I once thought I was just destined to feel stressed, run down and not good enough. But that all changed when I found my fitness and then my faith.”

Missy, like many women, found herself facing weight gain after several traumatic life events. She was uncomfortable with her weight, but not sure which step to take next. Through dieting and exercise, and the Beachbody family, she reached her goals in excess of her wildest imagination, being able to now, as she says, “pay the monthly mortgage,” with her earnings from being a Beachbody Coach.

Missy Carvour Gleason is proud of her before and after, and wants to support other women in their journey, too, far beyond just fitness and exercise. (Photo courtesy Missy Gleason)

But Missy, a wife and mother, is so much more than just her fitness.

This kind soul, whom I came to know through the media world when I was a reporter and she was a spokesperson for OhioHealth, has said prayers with me and for me in my darkest hours; and in my brightest, she was always interested in hearing who I was, inside and out. Anytime I need support, have a question, or just want to bounce an idea, Missy, who still works for OhioHealth as the editor of its wellness blog, is one of the first women who will take the call. She is, for all intents and purposes, a “girl’s girl,” the one who will sit at happy hour and have a drink, or she’ll sit with you on your couch, while your nose runs and your eyes swell, with Kleenex and cookies.

She is the epitome of women supporting women.

And women need that kind of bonding more so than men. In fact, according to a blog post on Mind, Body, Green, not only do female relationships help us ladies live longer, but a UCLA study said that women, and women alone, have a unique “tend and befriend” response to stress. In fact, when women are stressed, the study said, they don’t have a typical fight or flight response, instead they release the hormone oxytocin, which triggers them to soothe their stress by finding and bonding with someone ~ typically another woman. This is why girlfriends are so important.

It’s also why having ladies like Missy out there, willing to be that girlfriend, is so very encouraging, especially when you’re faced with change, like losing weight and starting a whole new lifestyle. If you know Missy, I hope you’ll take a moment to remind her just how great an example she sets for us ladies when it comes to supporting other women. If you don’t know Missy, get to know her on her MissyFit Facebook page, where she posts inspirational tidbits daily.

If you need a boost, Missy’s your girl. I promise you that.

“I know there are women like the old me out there,” said Missy. “I want to help them see the beauty and strength that’s already inside of them.”

Spoken like a true woman supporting other women.


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