Women Supporting Women: Julie Hinebaugh Gribben

Julie HER
Julie Hinebaugh Gribben

When I started writing about #WomenSupportingWomen, my friend, Jennifer, from high school (John Glenn High School in New Concord, Ohio) reached out and said she knew the perfect gal to be featured.

“Julie Hinebaugh Gribben,” she said. “She has empowered so many women…I can’t think of anyone more deserving than her to be highlighted in such a way.”

Julie, a Realtor in Pickerington, wasn’t in my high school class so I didn’t know her personally, but I always remembered her as being friendly with a pretty smile. But Jennifer said it went much deeper than that.

“She is a true angel,” said Jenn. “And I would not have made it in this life without her.”

Julie, the married mother of two (Joshua, 11, and Jocelyn, 8), has consistently, for at least the last decade, reached out to women in need, particularly single mothers, and helped them in any way she could to get back on their feet. Jennifer said Julie has done nearly all her work anonymously, and without the need for recognition. In fact, her nomination for this blog post came as a complete surprise.

“I’m beyond humbled,” said Julie. “The way I like to help is one-on-one with an individual or completely anonymously.  This is WAY out of my comfort zone!”

What isn’t out of this secret angel’s comfort zone is her love and care for helping women in need. A strong, faith-based woman, she believes God helps direct where her help should go and what it should be.

“There have been car loans, rent payments, Christmas gifts or money for gifts, utility bills, cleaning homes, clothing and other personal items,” said Julie, a graduate of the Realtor Institute and a Realtor for 11 years. You can find her at e-Merge Real estate at this website.

Julie also volunteers on several different platforms from various church teams, the Children’s Hunger Alliance, Columbus Realtor Foundation Committee, and others.

“My heart is for women who need help being the sole supporter for their children or helping the children of sole supporters,” said the woman inspired by her own mother and grandmothers. “I thank the Lord for any way He can help me help others. It’s not me; it truly is His Blessings being directed to others.”

Supporting other women is easy for Julie, especially those with children.

“I am a woman so I understand women’s needs,” said Julie. “I also feel as if helping children does help a mother, because it takes a village! When women get a ‘break’, or are rejuvenated on any level… spiritual, mental, physical, emotional or financial, they have more power and energy to take care of themselves and others.”

Julie believes that being a successful business woman allows her to touch more lives through being active in her community, where she gets first-hand knowledge of what the needs truly are.

“And because of my job, the benefit is being able to financially bless others,” she said. Plus, as a side note, “being successful at business shows little girls and women alike they have the ability to follow their dreams/passions and can become successful as well.”

So why should women continue to support women?

“Because we know each other like no other. We understand good days/ bad days, sleepless nights, bills that need paid and tears that need wiped, heartbreak and all the wonderful little things that melt our hearts,” she said. “We know that, a lot of the time, we have to have on our social smile, while we are crying or extremely frightened inside.”

And Julie doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk by financially backing women and children through some of her favorite organizations: Kiva, Compassion, and Doctors Without Borders.

“I LOVE to loan money to women across the world as they are starting their own business…their stories are amazing,” she said. “Mutual respect for women to women goes beyond race, age, and social status.”

A true woman supporting other women. Thank you, Julie.


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