Thank you to my new subscribers—and my loyal ones!

Kiddo and I at RMHC


I just wanted to take a moment on my blog and thank all my new subscribers for coming along for the ride after I announced my new book and debut creative nonfiction work, On Fire. Thank you also to my subscribers who’ve been with me from the start. To all of you, I am grateful for your support on my journey—and I hope there are moments when I can help with yours.

By subscribing to my blog, you’re supporting women in their continued push for equality. See, as a single woman with an awesome kiddo, I faced many difficult moments in unexpected places. It made me stronger and I forged my own path, but now my goal is to build a better community for women through my writing and films as my daughter takes her place in this world.

I want all of us to be awake to equality, starting with 50 percent of its population—women. You can help by continuing to support my work and encouraging others to do so as well. You’ll see in the pages of On Fire, that I am an advocate beyond just my words—and beyond equality for women. While it’s my main platform, I am truly an advocate for equal human rights across the board.

Thank you, again, and stay along for the ride. It’s going to be a great one.


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