Loving all the photos of people with my book!

As a writer, you spend a lot (A LOT) of time by yourself. Weeks, months, years on end of just you and your trusty writing equipment (computer, paper, typewriter…whatever) crafting a story that you hope other people will connect with. And then the day comes and you finally have the opportunity to put that hard-won piece of writing out into the world after months of going back and forth with your editor, rewriting, designing a cover, and finally arriving at a final version. So you put it out there…and you wait.

You never know if anyone will even buy the book, let alone read it and respond. So when the photos started rolling in of people I know and don’t know sending me pics of them with my book, I was ecstatic. And grateful. And appreciative. And all the emotions. because any artist, of any medium, struggles mightily with whether or not people will get what they’re putting down. So when they do and they show it, as an artist or creator you have a really great moment of joy.

So to everyone who has bought my book so far, who has read it, who has commented and messaged me, who has taken a photo and posted it or sent it to me…THANK YOU. I appreciate you so very much.

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