Women’s History Month off to a cringe-y start

If you haven’t seen the Toronto Raptors cringeworthy video that dampened the start of Women’s History Month yet, you’re lucky. But just so we can cringe together, you can see it here in this Deadspin article.

I mean, honestly.

Kudos to the NBA for making an attempt to honor women. I can appreciate that men’s pro teams want to support women during an important month, but somebody…SOMEBODY knew this was bad and they still let it out. I mean “They are the only one that can procreate.” Really?

This feels like a process issue. A lack of internal communication. Somebody should have approved it, but didn’t. From a communications/P.R. perspective, you have to think large teams and organizations like the Raptors would have much better processes, content reviews, and individuals at the helm who are giving a thumbs up before these things hit the social airwaves. To me, this is a clear case of good intention, but poor execution. They tried to do good. But they just didn’t succeed on this one. Total air ball. Next time, eh?

But getting back to this very cool month and why we have it (and some other really cool stuff about women making history) you’ll want to check out this site. This is the National Women’s History Museum website and it’s got oodles and oodles of great stuff to learn about how women have contributed and moved history forward across several generations. You can also get the scoop on how this very special month came to be.

And in the meantime, keep in mind that women can do a lot more than procreate.

xo— S.

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