New Ben Affleck-helmed AIR a must-see for sports fans

The new Ben Affleck-helmed film AIR: Courting a Legend, starring Matt Damon, Affleck, Viola Davis, Chris Tucker, Jason Bateman, and Marlon Wayans, is coming in hot as a must-see for any sports fan. Especially those of us who saw Michael Jordan play at his peak.

I still remember the game I saw in Chicago. We had court side seats, and the game was the Chicago Bulls versus the Detroit Pistons. Michael Jordan versus Isiah Thomas. The rivalry was real. And as a basketball player myself, who was obsessed with No. 23, this was the game of my lifetime. I still have—and wear—my Bulls T-shirt from that game, where Jordan warmed up right in front of me. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I was awe-struck and the feeling it brought me never left. I was inspired beyond words.

So when I saw this trailer for AIR, I geeked out with excitement. Not only am I fan of the Ben Affleck/Matt Damon film team, but I love Viola Davis. She is one of the most commanding actresses of our time and anytime she’s on the screen, I’m captivated by her presence. To say I cannot wait to see this in the theaters would be an understatement. I’ve only bought an opening day ticket for a few films—Footloose (the remake), The Matrix: Revolutions, Wakanda Forever, and Top Gun: Maverick. AIR will be the fifth.

Exclusively in theaters April 5, if you’re a sports fan, mark this as a must. You can see the trailer HERE.

xo— S.

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