Gazing West Publications

I’m currently seeking submissions for my publishing company Gazing West Publications.

I’m seeking nonfiction works (short stories, books, chap books, magazine articles, etc.) from established or debut authors. I accept ONLY the following areas of nonfiction: sports, true crime, feminism, memoir, parenting, sex, DEI, animals, inspirational, and comedy.

To be considered, please send a query letter to by June 1, 2023. DO NOT SEND a full manuscript. Full manuscripts will be discarded without being read.

All queries will receive a written response.

On Fire is a poignant and uplifting exploration of the mother-daughter relationship and how it’s affected by weight, gender, mental health issues, and class inequities in the Midwest. West’s sharp observations of the systemic way our culture marginalizes single mothers—and contrasting intimate stories of raising her daughter within that culture—makes it a must-read for mothers and fathers of daughters, and children of single mothers.

About Gazing West Publications

Gazing West Publications was started in 2022 by Author and award-winning journalist Stephanie A West. West has been in media for 15+ years and recently received seven first place and second place 2021 Ohio SPJ awards with her creative team at 614 Media Group. She published her debut work On Fire Feb. 7, 2023. She has two new works forthcoming in Newcross and Cut Your Teeth.