Newcross is my debut crime-science fantasy novel that features a strong female protagonist named Fin Baker. Fin is a tough, street-smart NYC detective on the hunt for a serial killer when she’s pulled through a time portal during a vicious attack. She lands in 1975 and meets a mysterious man nicknamed Chief, the head of the local police department. He tells her he needs her help.

Fin unwittingly travels back to 2022 and is treated for her injuries before accepting she must go back to 1975. Something more than just a serial killer is pulling her back in time. Could it have something to do with the mother who abandoned her at birth?

Actress Dianna Craig played a key role in the short film Nellie, which Newcross is based.

As she discovers dangerous truths about her past, Fin gets closer and closer to catching the killer and learning the truth about her mother.

Newcross is a thrilling, psychological ride through time that carefully dissects the relationship between mother and daughter and how it changes us forever.

Trailer from the short film Nellie, which Newcross is based. Photos of the main cast below.